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Are there any fees associated with the transfer?

YES. Only $3,500.00 to cover MTB expenses to transfer 100% of the business ownership to you after the four (4) year term is up. Up to that point you would have been paid a salary + bonus and MTB Inc. will have assumed complete responsibility to maintain, grow and hand over a sustainable and profitable business to you. Reasonable isn’t it?

What if the business that I am the manager of is unsuccessful in the term of operation? Do I have to take part in the transfer of ownership?

NO, YOU DO NOT. MTB, along with you, the manager, plans to increase the earning potential of the business during it’s ownership over a four (4) year period. MTB’s focus is to generate income during that time then to pass on a successful business at the end of the four years to the manager, as the new owner. The choice to accept the offer, or not, is outlined in the initial terms of employment and is completely yours.

Am I guaranteed the business at the end of the term?

Yes. Your employment contract will clearly state that. If you satisfy the normal and standard job requirements the business is yours, however if we have to dismiss you the deal is null and void.  The MTB employment contract is based on the Ministry of Labor and Employment Standards Act. It is very important to understand our ‘mission’. MTB wants to nourish the relationship and place as many people in ownership positions as possible.  Your success is our success and our success is yours.

Why do I pay a fee to submit with my application?

THIS IS MUCH MORE THAN A JOB APPLICATION but a great opportunity for each successful applicant. The unique business model of MTB allows us to share the entrepreneurial life.  We are committed to purchasing the best businesses that will yield the highest profits. MTB assumes 100% of the risk for four (4) years, pays the manager a salary + bonus, trains and and coaches the manager, then hands over the ‘keys of ownership’ to the manager. MTB invests a lot of money and time and we know that the application fee deters those that are not serious.

What are my chances of being chosen?

This is not a lottery but a job application. MTB is an equal opportunity employer and our hiring is not based solely on experience. If you have no business experience, you should still apply. One of our mandates is to help create, through training and daily support, new entrepreneurs.