MTB buys Canadian small businesses that are subjected to a proven and tested proprietary valuation formula. MTB will only invest in the purchase of a business if the input of information followed by the output falls within our strict predetermined parameters indicating that the business can be profitable.

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Once a business is purchased we list a job posting for the position of a manager. MTB pays a competitive salary plus bonuses. No experience is necessary as we are an equal opportunity employer and we do provide hands on support, training, and coaching in all aspects of the business.

The manager and MTB work as a team over a period of four (4) years. Long-term sustainability and profitability is our mutual goal as one day, should the manager choose, the business will be theirs.

                       YOUR success is OURS and
                          OUR success is YOURS!

Upon hiring, the new manager will get an offer of employment that includes an option to own 100% of the shares of the business at the end of a 4-year term.

The only payment made to MTB Inc., at the end of the 4-year period, is $3,500.00 to cover MTB’s costs related to the transfer. The manager, after agreeing to accept the business and making that small payment, will then be the new owner.

Marketing, bookkeeping and consulting services will be available to the new owner, once a MTB manager, only if they so desire.

   Now YOUR future is in YOUR hands.