• Tyler S. Misiak
    Tyler S. Misiak Co-founder & CEO-Chief Executive Officer

    Tyler’s experiences are in accounting, company operations, mergers and acquisitions, insolvency, system implementation, development of SOP’s, strategic planning and direction of businesses, compliance and risk management, budgeting & variance analysis, tax & CRA compliance, bank covenants, private equity raises, preparation of full operating & financial reviews, auditing, sales projections, cash flow management and forecasts, payroll and government remittances.

    Tyler’s banking background and top management positions, with successful private enterprises, opened a window of possibilities for himself as well as the desire to help others with an entrepreneurial spirit.

    MTB assists current business owners with an exit strategy in order to realize the maximum net benefit from a business sale.

  • Mike Lenda
    Mike Lenda Co-Founder & COO-Chief Operating Officer

    Mike is a co-founder of Mighty Tidy Business Inc. which has a philanthropic mandate wherein the success of Mighty Tidy Business will be shared with associated enthusiastic and hard-working management teams that are also focused on becoming successful entrepreneurs.

    Mike’s post-secondary school education is in marketing and loss management. He has corporate experience in inventory management and is proficient in cycle counts and internal company theft control.

    He also became a very successful general insurance consultant dealing directly with business owners and senior management .

    He and Tyler Misiak are childhood friends who share unique, realistic and workable business driven philosophies.

  • Tyler S. Gadd
    Tyler S. Gadd CTO-Chief Training Officer

    Tyler brings with him energy, creative enthusiasm and a wide range of successfully applied transferable business skills. He was a General Manager, a rising star, of one of the world’s most successful casual fine dining franchises.

    Tyler is proficient in cost management, inventory control, producing labour reports and excel spreadsheet creation. Event/party planning, repairs and maintenance, cleaning schedules, operational systems, and overall staff management were normal daily duties.

    Tyler thrives in social and business environments. He is very capable maintaining and building the integrity of functions and legalities using proven coaching methods and he knows how to apply systems that will excel businesses, your Mighty Tidy Business, to the next level.

  • Zig Misiak
    Zig Misiak CMO-Chief Marketing Officer

    Zig plays a major role in the development of MTB. He brings decades of business experience to the MTB team having worked for large national and international companies such as Labatts Ontario Breweries (Canada) and Leoni (Germany) in the area of marketing, sales and management.

    Zig is also the president of a small business, Real People’s History having co-authored a Native studies guide used in 717 schools and has authored and self-published five books, printed in Canada, all First Nations/Métis and Inuit based.

    He is the recipient of the Governor General’s Caring Canadian Award/Sovereign’s Medal, Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal and the Shining Star Award. Zig continues to focus on Canadian content be it history, culture or helping others become successful Canadian MTB entrepreneurs.