I was just 10 years old when a friend and I started ‘Two Boys Cutting Grass’ business. My father drove us around, paid for the lawn mower gas and often helped us cut and trim. My friend and I had no expenses but enjoyed all the profit. Not bad eh? In high school, with the same friend, we started a window washing business called ‘Mighty Tidy’. Sound familiar?

     After high school I completed 2 years at Mohawk College followed by a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Australia. Coming home to Canada I secured a job with a bank and that was the beginning of my learning curve and introduction to the corporate world.

     Over the years I have analyzed the obstacles involved in the process of buying, owning, operating or having to sell a business. I not only studied but experienced several of the challenges that owners endure. (Please read ‘Our Vision’ section on the web). I also saw or was involved first hand with the rewards of financial security.

      At some point in life you must have said, as I did; “I want to own my own business and work for myself.” Finally, I decided to do something about it. I picked an experienced management team. We implemented a proprietary and unique financial management and operating formula.

     Our goal is to have selected managers for businesses we acquire eventually own that businesses. Over a four year period MTB would work closely with these Managers who would receive support, training, and coaching. Their success is ours and ours is theirs.

     Our unique and innovative approach to valuation, management, coaching, training & development, financial analysis, strategic planning and marketing is paving the way for future entrepreneurs, like you, who need support and a chance that traditional lending facilities or capital raises do not provide.

Let’s make OUR business YOUR business!!

Tyler S. Misiak, Co-founder/CEO

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