MTB Inc. is committed to:

    1. Providing;
      a) Successful applicants with a job and at the same time;
      b) Giving the successful applicants entrepreneurial opportunities to manage and eventually own one of our Canadian small businesses.
    2. Provide existing small business owners, that are looking to sell, an amicable exit strategy which they may not have had before.

MTB has identified several obstacles in the private enterprise small business world as they relate to the purchase and sale of businesses. Some of the reasons that businesses are listed for sale each day and hurdles potential buyers encounter are:

Retirement – with nobody in the family to pass the business on to.

Initial investment – new entrepreneurs have a difficult time saving up the initial down payment required to purchase a business.

Cash flow issues – arise from poor accounting practices, bad management and cost control as well as over aggressive projections and growth strategies.

Working capital – it is becoming more difficult for entrepreneurs to obtain financing through a traditional lender to assist with day to day operating costs.

Time restraints – inability to create a profitable business within a reasonable time period.

Lifestyle changes – owners often just see the income and spend like there are no expenses to pay.

Market conditions – these are unpredictable and various i.e. Alberta’s failing oil industry.

Business valuation – there are often gaps between the amount and structure of the sale a buyer wants and what a seller is willing to agree to.

Strategic partnerships – mergers and acquisitions can strengthen the brand and the original business. This can be beneficial for sustainable growth.

Competition – if an owner is unable to see opportunities, change with market conditions and/or become innovative this can lead to an eventual decline in sales.

Mismanagement – hands-on owners or a hired managers’ mismanagement is devastating.

MTB is aware of all these obstacles, and there are more, but has confidence in its professional and experienced team to be able to deal with them.

For example; in order to eliminate ‘mismanagement’ our managers are hired to eventually ‘own’ their business. The incentive to manage well, under our guidance, knowing that it’s for their benefit and future reduces the chances of ‘mismanagement’ considerably.

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